PPGI, PPGL, PPAL- Steel Coil And Sheet

The properties of Color Coated Steel are tough coating, completed protection, low maintenance and long life. Pre-painted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel combines utility with beauty. It consists of tin, chrome, zinc or paint, which are the extra finish applied to the natural steel surface. The application of coating is to protect the surface of steel from oxidation and it is also used to enhance requirements for visual appearance.


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 COLOR COATED STEEL COIL - PPGI, PPGL, PPAL                                                                                   PROFESSINOAL TEAM                 ON-TIME DELICERY             ADEQUATE STOCK

       Our PPGI( Prepainted Galvanized Steel) & PPGL (Prepainted Galvalume Steel) & PPAL (Prepainted
Aluminum Steel) are available in a variety of specifications.
       We could also provide the product life length lasts for decades as customers required.

       The properties of Color Coated Steel are tough coating, completed protection, low maintenance and long life.
       Pre-painted Galvanized(GI) / Galvalume(GL) / Aluminum(AL) Steel combines utility with beauty.
       It consists of tin, chrome, zinc or paint, which are the extra finish applied to the natural steel surface.
       The application of coating is to protect the surface of steel from oxidation and
       it is also used to enhance requirements for visual appearance.


       Color coated plate is also called coated plate, color steel plate, it is based on metal coil (cold rolled plate, hot galvanized plate, aluminum plate, high aluminum
       alloy plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) as the substrate, coated or laminated on the surface of various organic coatings or plastic films. Because it is a coil that
       completes the surface coating in a metallurgical plant, it can be directly processed into products by users, so it is also called pre-coated coil.
       Uses: industrial plant, gymnasium, airport/station, indoor partition, warehouse, elevator, metal curtain wall, etc.



  • PPGl is pre-painted galvanized steel, also known as Pre-Coated Steel, Color Coated Steel, etc.
    Using Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil as the substrate. PPGl is made by first going through surface pretreatment, then coating one or more layers ofliquid coating by roll coating, and finally baking and cooling. The coatings used include polyester, silicon-modified polyester,high durability, corrosion resistance, and formability.
  • PPGL steel is a durable, colorful and economical building material.lt is the abbreviation of pre coated galvanized steel. lt takes Hot Dip Galvalume Steel Coil as the base material. Then, the aluminum zinc coated steel plate is continuously painted in the form of coils.Because of its excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, it has become the preferred material for a wide range of building applications,especially roof and wall. 
  • PPAL (Color Coated Aluminum Coil), common polyester color coated aluminum (color coated aluminum coil), widely used in aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling,roof surface, scraps, its performance is very stable, not easy to be corroded, a new profile.
                 Characteristics of PPGI:

First, Material Properties

PPGI is a common cold-rolled steel plate as the base material, after surface treatment, and then with color coating or galvanized processing process of architectural decoration materials. Its main features include:
1. Strong anti-corrosion performance: PPGI is a galvanized steel plate, which has good anti-corrosion performance and can be used in various harsh environments;
2. Good weather resistance: the surface coating of PPGI uses polyester, silicon modified polyester, fluorocarbon and other materials, which can resist the influence of ultraviolet light and climate change, and is not easy to fade and aging;
3. Strong decoration: The surface color of PPGI is bright and diversified, which can meet different architectural styles and personalized needs.

Second, Construction Use

1. Convenient construction: PPGI is easy to install, lighter than traditional tile, stone, glass and other decorative materials, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving construction efficiency;
2. good plasticity: PPGI can be cut, stamping, bending and other processing according to demand, can produce a variety of different forms of building components, with good plasticity;
3. Long service life: PPGI surface coating using imported materials, after anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet treatment, service life of more than 20 years.

Third, Environmental Sustainability

1. No harmful chemicals are used on the internal and external surfaces, and the test is qualified;
2. Recyclable reuse: the waste generated in the construction process can be recycled and reused, reducing waste and reducing environmental pollution;
3. Degradable: The surface coating of galvanized color plate can be degraded to reduce environmental pollution of the substrate.


In summary, galvanized color plate has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, good decoration, easy construction, long service life, and environmental sustainability, is an excellent building decoration material.

                 Difference Between PPGI and PPGL:

PPGI and PPGL are two different coating technologies, and there are some differences in application and performance.

PPGI is a technology in which GI is coated with a layer of color pigment on the surface of GI, which is suitable for lighter environmental conditions.   
PPGL is based on GL as the substrate, coating a layer of color pigment on the surface of GL technology, with better corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

The advantage of PPGI is its variety of colors, which can be adjusted as needed, and its lower price. However, PPGI color pigments can only provide limited corrosion resistance, in harsh environmental conditions, the color may fade, and do not provide good corrosion resistance.

The advantage of PPGL is that its aluminum zinc has good corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, and can effectively resist acid, alkali, salt and other corrosion factors. PPGL's color pigments have better corrosion resistance and do not fade easily. However, PPGL's price is relatively high.

Therefore, when choosing PPGI and PPGL, it is necessary to consider the location of use, environmental conditions and customer needs. If you need to use in light environmental conditions, color requirements are high, and price sensitive, then PPGI is a good choice. However, if you need to use in harsh environmental conditions and need to provide good corrosion resistance, then PPGL is a better choice.

In the production process of PPGI and PPGL, there are also certain differences. The production process of PPGI is relatively simple, the process is not complicated, and the production cycle is short. The production process of PPGL is complicated, the process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long.

Finally, it should be noted that the value and cost performance of PPGI and PPGL are different, and customers need to weigh the pros and cons according to their needs when choosing to ensure that the most appropriate coating technology is selected.

In short, PPGI and PPGL are two different coating technologies that differ in application and performance. Which coating technology to use depends on the place of use, environmental conditions and customer needs.

                 Product Type:
The colour coated coil colors are mainly divided into Solid Colors and Printed Patterns. And both are customizable.
 1. Solid Color Smooth surface or wrinkled surface
 You can choose colors according to RAL Color or you can send us a sample.
 The popular colors include Sea Blue, Grey, IvoryWhite, Brick Rred, Porcelain Blue, Grass Green, Silver, Leaf Green, Orange, etc. 
 2. Printed Pattern
 The popular patterns of ZIDA STEEL products include Flower, GrassCamouflage PatternWood Grain, Marble Grain, Brick GrainStone Grain, etc.
 We can also customize the pattern according to your samples.
                 Product Parameter:

Product Name:

Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI), Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coil (PPGL), Prepainted Aluminum Steel Coil (PPAL

Type of Substrate:

Hot dipped galvanized, Electro-galvanized coil, Hot dipped galvalume coil, Aluminum coil




600-1500mm, According to customer's requirement


0.3 mm - 1.5 mm (The greater the thickness, the higher the strength, the higher the corrosion resistance, but at the same time the weight will also increase.)                                                   

Zinc Coating:



Soft hard(60), medium hard(HRB60-85), full hard(HRB85-95), or half hard and hard quality                    


Common practice Or Upon your requirements                                                                                                                                                                                                     


As per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Surface  Treatment:   

oiling / passivstion or chromium free passivation / skin pass 

Coil Weight:

 3-8MT per coil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Coil Inner:  

Diameter 508mm/610mm

Coil Outer:



25 TON


Standard Export Package Or As Request   

Terms of Price:    

FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Payment Terms:       

 TT, Irrevocable LC at sight, Western union

                 Color-coated Coil Coating Type:

The strength of the color steel plate depends on the substrate material and thickness, and the durability depends on the coating, surface coating and processing technology, and the coating has polyester coating (PE), fluorocarbon coating (PVDF), silicon modified coating (SMP), high weather resistant coating (HDP), acrylic acid coating, polyurethane coating (PU), plastisol coating (PVC) and so on. The coating structure has two coating and one drying, two coating and two drying, etc., and the maintenance-free service life can be 10-30 years according to the different environment and atmosphere.


PE coating has good adhesion to the material, color coated steel plate is easy to process and form, cheap and many products, and the choice of color and luster is large. Polyester coating resistance to UV light and coating powder resistance, is not ideal, so the use of PE coating still need to be subject to some restrictions, generally used in areas where air pollution is not serious or need multiple molding processing product.
Service life: 5-8 years

Silicone Mobified Polyester

Because polyester contains the active group OH/-COOH, it is easy to react with other polymers. In order to improve the sun resistance and pulverization property of PE, Silicone resin with excellent color retention and heat resistance is denatalized, and the denatalization ratio between 5%-50% and PE can be achieved by SMP, which provides better durability of the steel plate. Its anticorrosion life can be as long as 10-12 years, of course, its price is higher than PE, but because of the adhesion of Silicone resin to the material and the formability of processing is not ideal, SMP color coated steel sheet is not suitable for occasions where multiple molding processing is required, and most of it is used for building roofs and external walls.
Service life: 10-12 years

Durable Polyster

For the shortcomings of PE and SMP, HYDRO in the UK (now acquired by BASF) and BECKER in Sweden developed HDP polyester coatings that can reach 60-80% weather resistance of PVDF coatings in early 2000, which is better than ordinary silicon modified polyester coatings, and its outdoor weather resistance reaches 15 years. In the synthesis of high weather resistance polyester resin, monomer containing cyclohexane structure is used to achieve the balance of flexibility, weather resistance and cost of the resin, and the use of non-aromatic polyols and polyacids to reduce the absorption of UV light by the resin to achieve high weather resistance of the paint. Uv absorbent and steric hindrance amines (HALS) were added to the coating formulation to improve the weatherability of the coating film. High weather resistant polyester coil coating has been recognized by the market in foreign countries, and the cost performance of the coating is very outstanding.
Service life: 15 years

(PVC) Plastisol:             

PVC resin has good water resistance and chemical resistance, generally with high solid part coating, its coating thickness between l00-300μm, can provide smooth PVC coating or light embossing treatment for embossing coating; Because the PVC coating is a thermoplastic resin, it has a high film thickness and can provide good protection for the steel plate. But PVC heat resistance is weak. In the early days, it was used more in Europe, but due to its relatively poor environmental properties, it is now used less and less.
Service life: 10-12 years


Due to the chemical bond of PVDF and chemical bond, there is a strong bond energy, so the coating has very good corrosion resistance and color retention, in the construction industry with color coated steel coating, is one of the highest products, and the molecular weight is large and straight bond structure, so in addition to chemical resistance, mechanical properties, UV resistance and heat resistance are also very prominent. In the general environment, its anti-corrosion life can reach 20-25 years. In recent years, fluorinated resin with trifluorinated vinyl chloride and vinyl ester monomer has become popular in China, which is widely used in building exterior walls and metal plates. Due to the use of easily hydrolyzed vinyl ester monomer and fluorine content about 30% lower than PVDF, its weather resistance is compared with PVDF, and there is a certain gap. The fluorocarbon coating produced by Baosteel has a PVDF content of no less than 70% (the others are acrylic acid resin). 

Service life: 20-25 years
Specially Reinforced Polyester:  
It has excellent resistance to resin degradation in long-term sunshine and high temperature environment, excellent durability, but high hardness.
Service life: 15-20 years 
Acrylic acid resin: The comprehensive performance is good, the price is expensive, and it is only used in specific fields (such as containers).
Service life: 10-20 years
Paint distinction:
Resin Type    Hardness                        Twist                            Corrosion 
   Weather Ability            Costing                 Film thickness requirement
   Choiceness    Good     Good                                  Good    Choiceness    20
Silicone Mobified Polyester
   Good    Fair    Good    Choiceness    Good    20
High durable Polyster
   Good     Choiceness    Good    Choiceness    Good    20
(PVC) Plastisol    Fair    Choiceness    Choiceness    Good    Inferior    20
PVDF    Fair    Choiceness    Choiceness    Choiceness    Inferior    25
  Acrylic acid resin:                            Choiceness    Fair    Good    Good    Inferior    20
Environmental Conditions:

1. Environmental factors of corrosion

Longitude and latitude, temperature, humidity, total radiation (UV intensity, sunshine duration), rainfall, pH, wind speed, wind direction, corrosive fallout (C1, SO2).

2. The influence of sunlight

Sunlight is an electromagnetic wave, according to the energy and frequency of the high and low divided into gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave and radio waves. Among them, the ultraviolet spectrum (UV) is a high-frequency ray, which has a greater destructive power than the low-energy spectrum, such as the skin spots we know are caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. UV can also break the chemical bonds of a substance, causing it to break, depending on the wavelength of the UV and the strength of the chemical bonds of the substance. X-rays have a penetrating effect, and gamma rays can break chemical bonds and produce free charged ions, which are deadly to organic matter.

3. the influence of temperature and humidity

For metal coatings, high temperature and high humidity contribute to oxidation reaction (corrosion). When the color coated board is in high temperature environment for a long time, the paint molecular structure on the surface of the color coated board is easy to be damaged, which affects the service cycle. When the humidity is high, the surface of the plate is easy to condensation, and the trend of electrochemical corrosion is enhanced.

4. the impact of pH on corrosion performance

For metal coatings (zinc or aluminum), they are all amphoteric metals, and strong acids and bases can corrode them. However, different metal acid and alkali resistance has its own characteristics, galvanized plate alkaline resistance is slightly stronger, aluminum zinc acid resistance is slightly stronger.

5. The impact of rain

The corrosion resistance of rain to color coated panels depends on the structure of the building and the acidity of the rain. For buildings with large slopes (such as walls), rainwater has a self-cleaning function to prevent further corrosion, but if the injection molding slope is small (such as roofing), rainwater will be deposited on the surface for a long time, promoting the hydrolysis of the coating and water penetration. For the joints or cuts of the steel plate, the presence of water increases the possibility of electrochemical corrosion, and the orientation is also important, and the acid rain situation is more serious.

                 Product Features:

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance 

 Due to the 55% of aluminum, the resistance to corrosion of PPGL is much better than PPGI’s, which can greatly prolong the service life.

 2. Great Heat Reflectivity 

 The good heat resistance can keep the buildings cool in the hot summer.

 3. Weather Resistant Excellent 

 Pre-painted galvalume steel can withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme summers, winters, or rainfall.

 4. Good Processing Performance 

 The PPGL steel sheets from ZIDA Steel are easy to profess, such as shearing, profiling, blanking, etc.

 5. Beautiful Appearance 

 They look attractive and impressive with a pleasant surface finish and aesthetics.

                 Product Applications:

Pre-painted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel are used in roof structure, surface sheet of balcony, frame of window, folding screen and electrical equipment.

 Pre-painted steel can be formed into almost any shape, and it has excellent resistance to weathering, superior longevity and texture options.





                 Production Flow Chart: 
                 Quality Control:
  • Surface test.

  • Salt spray test is srtificial salt spray environment ,simulate marine climate ,used o check Anti salt spray corrosion performance of GI and PPGI ,and evaluate the quality of the protective coating process.

  • Flexibility Impact Tester  Used to assess catsuit coating at a very fst deformation ablility to resist cracking or fall out.

  • Coating cup drawing tester Used to assess catsuit slow deformation under coating ability to resist cracking or fall out.

  • Zinc layer test. (Our Min Zinc and AZ layer is 40g /m2 .We focus on middle and high quality product only.) 

Quality Certificate :
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